In gta 5 at evening the fps drops to 25-30 but it is more when at night and day..... is this considered playable?

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  1. Miss Dark

    "Playable" is subjective.
    If you can play it at it's current frame rate and you are fine with those frame rates, then it's playable to you.
    I know some people who think 15 fps is fine, and proceed to actually play games at that rate.

    Personally I can't stand anything under 80-85; I've spent too long with a 144hz monitor and a computer capable of reaching such frame rates that once it starts going below 80-85 it starts looking choppy and I start getting headaches.

  2. Chad Willard

    to me 25-30 fps is perfectly fine on any game as long as its not worse but alot of pc gamers cant stand 30 fps so its really up to you but imo that is definitely playable

  3. Tom


  4. ?

    30 is but anything lower than 30 fps is unacceptable to me.

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