Me and my friend want to buy some weed to smoke it after school

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  1. Kathy Miller

    At this one McDonalds they used to sell weed out of the drive up window! You just asked for a quarter pound and that is what you got. I thought they should change the sign from over a billion served to over a billion stoned. I am sure it won't be that easy to find it for yourselves. Whatever you do don't buy it anywhere near the school zone. And unless you know the dealer you don't know what you will really be getting. It may not even be weed, or it may be laced with chemicals.

  2. Anonymous

    In the states of Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska

  3. Andrew

    Local dealer

  4. Nobody

    You can have the weed i just chopped in my yard, come on over and rake it up.

  5. Jcr


  6. Crazy for Yahoo

    If you don't know you shouldn't be using it.

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