I'm terrified of clowns I can't even look at one, everyone I know says that they aren't that creepy but there one of my biggest fears. Does anyone else share this fear and is it common?

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  1. Rick

    It's fairly common actually. To small children, a clown isn't a funny thing - it's a scary thing. They're dressed differently (bright colors, strange designs, brightly colored hair and nose) and their features are exaggerated. Have you ever noticed that clowns are also used in horror movies? It's because it's effective and it works at scaring people.

  2. yogicskier

    Not common, but not unknown. There's even a name for it: Coulrophobia.

  3. Kaysibabes

    my niece fears clowns - from watching creepy horror movies I think

  4. Mog

    Yes it is quite common

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