And it may be a sign of breastfeeding cancer if your nipple had recently changed. I noticed my left nipple has changed when I was around 18.. It had something on it and it disappeared and now I noticed it has like a line that looks like a white scar. Idk how to explain what it looks like but it's making my left...

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  1. april

    Actually you didn't see an article that said it needs to be checked. Every single result I scanned was all about nipple correction..

    If that's your teeny titties in your pic, neither nipple is inverted.

  2. milagro

    It looks like I have scars developing below my nipples.. I don't know why and there's my left nipple that's different from my other one.. My breasts never ways looked like that :( I really hope it's not breast cancer

  3. Serene E

    Sigh.......and who wrote the article and what medical degree do they have???? How reliable is the author or the research??????

    Unless you go to a doctor and get this info, it's all bogus crap.

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