When my mum was my age (16/17) she leased brand new cars and got a new one every few years, is that a good idea for someone who works part time? or would it be better to finance a car/buy a used one

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  1. John

    The most expensive way to drive is to lease. The only thing leasing gives you is the ability to always have a new car.

    A new car is also very expensive. But you end up with a car. A car that you can either keep, and not have to buy or lease another, or sell if you want something else.

    A used car is usually the most economical option.

  2. Abdul Qadri

    Leasing a car is more for like exotic vehicles such as Maserati or a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Its more or less a long test drive. Buying is better unless you plan on using a vehicle for a maximum of 2 years.

  3. Anonymous

    TERRIBLE FREAKEN idea, trust me I know. You're A Slave To The Dealer & You're Almost Literally Throwing Money In The Toilet. Now, on the other hand if you got money to throw away, lease away.

  4. Scott

    Someone who works part-time would find it almost impossible to get a dealership to agree to a lease. It's not the same today as it was when your mom was younger.

  5. Been There, Done Tha

    She was getting a brand new car every few years, and never OWNED one. (Just like renting a car)

    That's fine if you don't mind paying and paying for years and years, and having nothing but canceled checks to show for it.

  6. Never

    So your mum liked burning money and you want to try it out ?

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