Hello there, My 10 year old cocker spaniel developed Separation Anxiety when my husband and I moved to our new house. when i first got my doggie she was 8 weeks old, and i was living with my parents. Literally she's been her entire life at my parents without any issues. Never had a complaint from neighbors...

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  1. GreyhoundAdopter
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    She's happy at your parents house - she's telling you as clearly as she can that she doesn't want to be at the new place. To her - the family home is her home, that's where she feels safe.

    If the old dog is happy living in the family home with your parents, can't she just stay with them? If not, then don't keep taking her over there - move her to your house and make a clean break for her. This arrangement is clearly stressing her out. She'll adjust faster to your house being her home, if it is her new home.
    I would suggest you get a copy of the book,
    “I’ll be home soon” – it's a Patricia McConnell book on curing separation anxiety. I think you would find it very helpful. You can get them on Amazon for just a few dollars.

  2. Lizzie

    i think she is trying to tell you where she would prefer to live. There is no place like home...

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