I came home & my cat was laying on the couch(awake). I went over to her and said hello. When I went to pet her she became aggressive and bit me. She did not draw blood but I am so sad she tried to bite me. Why did she do this? Does she not like me? How do I stop this behaviour? Help I love my cat but am worried...

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  1. erma

    cats are weird and sometimes just need space. I this was the first time that this has happened then i wouldn't worry about this behavior, it most likely was just a 'hey im tired or whatever and i want you to not touch me so like get away now'. In my experience, cats are extremely caring and like to 'hang out' with you but really hate it if you pet them to long or give them too much attention and get aggressive if you dont leave them alone because thats how they got to get the point across... they just like to be chill

  2. angelo

    Your Cat is 1yr your cat is very young and just wants to play. They will scratch and bite its what they do when they WANT to play.

  3. Arch

    If she did not draw blood, she was not being "aggressive".

    Remember, cats are PREDATORS and fighters. Your sweet little kitty's body is designed TO KILL THINGS. And her little brain came with all hunting/fighting/killing software pre-installed by the maker. It is hard-wired into her brain and it will always, always be there. You can't "uninstall" it.

    In fact, one of the most wonderful things about cats is that they are, by nature, aggressive killers that can make a CONSCIOUS DECISION to love and show affection toward a human being. It is one of the things that make them so amazing, and makes their love so special. They don't HAVE to love you. They CHOOSE to do so, despite their aggressive nature.

    So a little biting can mean alot of things with a cat.

    Sometimes, it means "I want to play, and by 'play' I mean pretend to fight you to the death". Sometimes it means, "I love you, but I need some space right now". (It's a cat thing. Just let her have it.) Sometimes it means, "That's enough petting. I'm done now."

    It can also mean "You startled me, back off while my 'Eliminate The Threat' program closes down in my brain".

    I'm sure your kitty will show you her usual affection later.

    Rarely, it can mean, "I'm in pain. Don't touch me there." If she always bites you when touched in a certain spot, a visit to the vet will be in order.

  4. cpaterson3

    Perhaps you just startled her. If you walk up to a cat too quickly or try to touch them too quickly, they can become alarmed and may think that you are attempting to hurt them. I have cats and they have done the same thing to me if i approach them too quickly. Just go slower and maybe don't touch her that often for the next few days. also, try playing with her frequently. It may frustration or boredom that caused her to act the way she did. Cats need lots of attention and stimulation, after all, there primary instincts are to hunt and catch. So try playing with her often, and going slower. Hope this helps! Goodluck! :)

  5. Anonymous

    It is because she has active Rabies Virus Infection.

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