Does it have to be see through tape or can it be any kind of tape ( black electrical tape etc)

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  1. Rosalie

    If you put electrical tape on it, the fact that it's real won't be visible.
    Just use Scotch tape, or don't tape it together at all. A bank will take pieces in a baggie.


    Legally: No.
    Practically, use ONE strip of normal clear tape and no more than absolutely necessary.
    The more tape you use, the more likely bank equipment won't be able to process the note.

  3. Lone Cat

    No, don't tape the bill together. Just take it to a bank (any bank) and they'll give you a new bill.

  4. Anonymous

    You have to be able to verify the serial numbers on all parts. It is better to take it to the bank. They will take it in pieces and give you a new one. Then the mint burns it.

  5. The Oracle of Omigod

    Scotch is required.

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