I'm trying waist training and the squat challenge, is there any tips you can give or safe duration to keep the waist belt on, and a timetable for the 30 day squat challenge, is it ok to use a slimming belt for waist training because I cant really afford a proper waist corset. thanks xx

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  1. Julien

    I'm not sure exactly what is the "squat challenge", nor what "waist training" and "waist corset" are. At first sight it sounds like bullshit from women magazines, but never mind.
    Anyway I know what squat is, and if your belt is supposed to be an equivalent of a weightlifting belt then I strongly recommend not to use any. The whole point of squat is that it's a fundamental exercise, where many muscles work, so replacing the action of some assistance muscles by a belt is typically the opposite of what you want. Belts should only be used for record-breaking in powerlifting, not for everyday or beginner's training. Otherwise it will produce weak points (with potential injuries, and little transfer to realistic moves).
    Squatting with no belt will strengthen all of your waist.

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