I'm 15-year-old female 5 foot 4, weighing 241 pounds I really need to lose weight because I am prediabetic and I am sick and tired of being fat how can I lose weight like really quick just drinking water being on a diet and exercise more. Please answer ASAP I gotta loose weight within a week.

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  1. Suggy

    Hi there! I'm 14, and used to weigh 11 stone 2 pounds 2 weeks ago. Now, I weight 10 stone 9 pounds. You've just gotta eat clean. Get rid of all of your unhealthy sugars. Eat one carb type a day, for example: some pasta. But not too much. You don't have to exercise, but if you do, use fitness blender on youtube. They do amazing work outs ???? Hope this helped!

  2. Serene E

    1. losing weight really fast means you'll gain it back just as fast.
    2. Diet is 80% of losing weight. Limit yourself to 1400-1600 caloreis a day. Start reading backage labels. You want lots of protein, fiber, less sugar.
    3. learn to love exercise. Every single day, even if it's walking for 30 minutes.

  3. sheloves_dablues

    You're not going to lose 100lbs in a week. Get a focking reality check.

    Cut out the crap in your diet.. NO bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, junk food, soda.. Eat lean meats, green vegetables and berries. Limit dairy and whole grains. Drink only water.

    Get off your @ss and go for a walk. You should be able to take off all of your excess weight within a year.

  4. ChemoAngel

    You can't lose nothing but a pound a week....if that is what you think.
    You need to simply cut the bad carbs. That's it. Eat protein, whole grain, fruit, veggies, and dairy

  5. Richard

    Talk to your doc or any good source of medical advice might refer you to a weight loss clinic.
    Don't bother with any of the weight loss ad scams.

  6. Herfnerd

    Sorry, but its not going to happen in a week no matter what you do

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