I'm 10, 4'10", 92lbs. I'm a size aa-b (occasionally a c). I have heavy discharge and have spotted about ten times. Once I was drying myself with a towel and saw a lot of brown stuff on it. I have cramps all the time and have really bad PMS. My doctor said it is right around the corner. I would...

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  1. Anonymous

    Probably. Be prepared when at school and carry some pads in your bag.

    Also, while you are too young to be on Yahoo! Answers...your cup size doesn't vary THAT much.

    The cup size (the letters, as you already seem to know) is a measurement of how far your breast tissue goes from your rib cage. You're not gonna go from under 1" to 3" in the measurement randomly. :P
    Your band ideally should be your rib cage measurement, but you're very skinny...

  2. Anonymous

    It should. Normally, you'd spot a week before your first actual period, however it took me like a month. So ALWAYS carry around some pads with you, as well as a sweater to tie around your waist in case you leak. Good luck! ;)

  3. Serene E

    When it comes it comes, kid.

  4. lauren

    It could be.

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