can you get a 1,500 dollar apartment with section 8 if you only make 200-400 dollars per month?

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  1. JMITW

    you pay 30% of your income...section 8 pays the rest. the max rent varies by area..for example, in my area, they might pay $1000 for a 1 bedroom which is about the minimum cost, but another area could be a max $600 due to lower rental costs.

    single people usually only get a voucher if they have a disability. if your are not disabled, you are required to work--i think at least 32 hours per week...and that may be too much income even at minimum wage to get a voucher..

    single adults need to get a few roommates and share a 2 bedroom apartment...and not have kids they can't afford...if they choose to have kids they have no intention of supporting...it could be 10 years or more to get on the wait list and get a voucher

  2. R P

    Unless you are disabled, you aren't going to get a voucher. Section 8 is for elderly and/or disabled people or single parents.

    Not only that, but even if they are accepting applications in your area, the wait list is probably several years long.

  3. Pascal the Gambler

    What they pay depends on your income, location, etc. If you only make $400 a month, you won't qualify unless you are disabled, you have to work at least 30 hours a week, and you clearly don't do that.

  4. Anonymous

    No, you lazy troll.

  5. Judy


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