Can I discriminate against a Christian based on my moral principles if Christians can do the same based on their faith?

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  1. Janhoi
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    I don't believe in Christians discriminating against anyone, regardless of their faith, culture, race, gender or sex. And I don't believe in people discriminating against Christians. I believe in equality across the board so no.

  2. Taylor

    TWO LOGIC ERRORS you make and they are serious.

    Discrimination is Discrimination you can't say 'moral principles' change that because if they did THEN IT IS NOT DISCRIMINATION.

    Secondly, and this is childish of you : You are admitting that you have no basis you are just doing it to hurt a Christian.

    You could have avoided the second error if you knew how to write :0

  3. Anonymous

    Ironically it's discriminating of you to say that Christians discriminate, based on their faith, inferring that non-Christians do not, or to a lesser extent.

    Are your moral principles circular, per chance? An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

  4. Christian sinner

    Sure. You can do anything you want. Sometimes that's how we find out stuff . . . like how not to discriminate and how to discriminate. With politically minded people, discrimination is always wrong, unless you lick on them for whatever they discriminate against. Politically minded people tend to define things in limited form. They don't tend to have open minds that way. Politicians do that to them.

  5. Yummy Elephant Candy

    I'm building a giant boat in Kentucky and I'm only going to hire Christians. plus I'm getting state tax incentives

  6. Anonymous

    Yeah, but you need a good PR man to get a campaign going like that stupid woman in Kentucky who wouldn't sign marriage certificates. Hopefully someone's killed her by now.

  7. Sookey

    No, silly, religious freedom is only for Christians. They've made that very clear.

  8. Bobby Jim

    Their faith is a protected right. Your personal moral codes are not, UNLESS they are based in your faith.

  9. Cato

    No. You can't.

  10. Telepathy

    Christianity is the law, at least in the USA.

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