do we need to drop an atomic bomb over the middle east to wipe out ISIS's entire homeland, and start arresting radical muslims in our own countrys?

should racists be given long term prison sentences? this is very Nazi behaviour, if your a racist, you may aswell support the Nazi regime,

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  1. Anonymous

    Why is there so much support for Jews now? Not neccessarily because of the horrors of the Final Solution, but because Jewish families tend to be extremely wealthy.
    It's a game of power structures. If the Jews have triumphed through trade in the Western capitalist economy, the Orient remains the ultimate archenemy and Other to the West - by Orient, I mean in the European sense, denoting mainly Middle Eastern cultures.

  2. Gazza

    Ho, hum.

    You are emotional, and NOT logical, like most Whites.

    Hitler and those evil "Nazi's" built a racially united, wealthy, Jew-aware nation.

    The opposite of the US today.

    Anti-racist bigots like yourself are the reason the US is becoming a 3rd world dump.

    Are you a Jew?

    If Hitler had won, the west wouldn't be full of anti-White, low IQ, crime prone non Whites.

  3. Cato

    There is still racism, because of Jews. They cause problems and racial conflicts, & so on.

    I bet 100% you are a Jew.

    ISIS is Jewish, & it is not Muslim. We shouldn't destroy their land, but we should stop Zionism. Whatever, there are racists in every race. Are you stupid? I think you are. Jews sent radical muslims to Europe, I guess you deny that. I am not racist, since I speak the truth. Truth and racism are two different things.

  4. Nathan

    Racists are Nazis just in a new age. they support the white race and no other just like hitler did

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