Will hair grow faster if you keep it braided?

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  1. Sur La Mer


    How you style your hair could either causes them to fall or grow, it grows NO MATTER WHAT, if you're very healthy, very active, and you're growing, your nails are growing, so should your hair and it won't grow any faster because of HOW you style your hair. It grows because of your good genes, good hair care, and what you eat.

    • The hair on your head grows at about 0.00000001 miles per hour. That's a half-inch per month. Mine grows 3/4" in 29 days, about 9” a year, that's without the use of heating tools.

    If you've straightened your hair in the past, STOP! It may grow slowly or none at all. Hair that you see now is dead. Wikipedia. But it has static electricity, when using heat, it sends currents to the roots, tampering them, they go into a coma. The RESULT of damage to the follicles from excessive styling or harsh chemical treatments. The result could take years! Think laser hair removal.

  2. sianpattison2015

    Not likely it will just make it go wavey. You can't make hair grow faster but you can encourage it by regular cuts and nourishing treatments.

  3. ?

    thats a myth

  4. Rei


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