Most people I ask want a dragon, but I just want a Pikachu for a pet.

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  1. Bubbles
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    I just want my cat (who would hopefully be slightly better behaved), I wouldn't want another pet. My cat is so special to me.

  2. Fish Hits Wall, Says

    There is not even the slightest shred of proof that Jannah exists.

  3. Jaweed

    Ok ok i vaant my pert Bengal Moe to caam to Jannah vit me. He is slev boy i keep in cage.

  4. Dr. D

    You will get so many houris that you won't have time to think about a pet.

  5. Taulant  الألبانية

    If I'm fortunate to make it to Paradise, I would want a lynx as a pet.

  6. Anonymous

    I want a pet Muslim. He will be my slave because in jannah, you can be anything you want. So, I'll be Allah.

  7. Anonymous

    A big slobbery dog that'll drool all over the place.

  8. Ruchjat Kosasih


  9. Accepting Reality

    Salam, a clean, purified dog.

  10. Diamønd

    If you're a woman, you get nothing.

    If you're a man, you get many virgin girls to stick your díck in while your wife watches.

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