I want to buy a travel mug for tea as my other mug is past the point that I can remove the coffee smell. So I was looking at eBay as I need free shipping but the recommended are from China. So in this case and any other case, how reliable are items from China? I had a bad experience when buying an alarm clock and...

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  1. harwarda

    I would be very surprised if you could find a mug that WASN'T made in China! Have you looked at the ones in the stores? They all say "Made in China" on the bottom. People in China can get merchandise from the factories at a lower cost and sell it on eBay. It's the same quality that you would get buying it from a store in the US- you just have to wait longer for it to be shipped.

  2. Mike Hunt Izitchy

    Its a mug.... how much can go wrong?

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