aside from winning the lottery inheriting what is the most common method most rich people adapted? is it investing ? is it inventing?

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  1. The Old Guy

    They all know what they're doing, why they're doing it, how to do it, and understand the rules and regulations governing what they're doing.

    They are wiling to educate themselves and not be dependent of "apps" or services that can not and do not help them.
    They always listen to and hire people that are a lot smarter then they are, and they never listen to or take advice from those that have not and do not do what they are trying to do.

    Bottom line - they know there is no easy way, they are always willing to work their a__ off

  2. Literal

    Inventing works if you have the ability and foresight todesign something not available now but useful in the future. Most self made weath is from real estate.

  3. YYYZZ 2

    Study, Very hard work and a belief in oneself.

  4. anonimitie

    Opening a business.

  5. christiaan

    most often right idea at the right time. they think ahead, take risks, and get lucky.

  6. tro

    some of it is hard work

  7. GTB


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