I have 4 speakers coming out directly of the receiver and have the amplifier solely to power the passive subwoofer. I've wired the amplifier to the subwoofer through the green bass output yet I am struggling to figure out how to properly connect the receiver to the amplifier.

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  1. Duhammad

    You what your problem is? You don't even bother to post the actual model numbers. That would have been much easier for you and others. Each rca preout is to one channel on an amp to a speaker. They don't need to be color coded. You can't follow what the label is telling you? Are you trying to run a receiver to a power amp? What is this amp you are trying to connect it with? How many speakers are you trying to run? What are you trying to do? This is very simple but maybe you are doing something more complicated that is why you are so lost?

  2. spacemissing

    Have a local expert help you in person.

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