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As humans develop wisdom, they began to innovate and learned technology, from simple nomadic life to a permanent resident of one area. But because of wisdom, the difference of ideals cause humans to fight each other. And discrimination of differences still persists after more than 5000 thousand years. You may say...

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  1. Thomas E

    Humans aren't bad, nor is technology in general; it's the OVERPOPULATION that will do us in. I'm glad I won't see the poor quality of life 100 years from now. (I'm 61).

  2. JORGE N

    Well, at least I have 70 or even maybe 80 years to think about it now as compared to about a century ago when I only had about 30 or 40 years lifespan to think about it. I guess it is better that way. If not in any other way.

  3. Anonymous


    Others have already explained environmental parts and Ive run out of characters to use

  4. virtualguy92107

    No proof that we bring more bad things than good, just that we bring change.
    We're incapable as yet of causing the planet to meet its end - there are deep-living organisms that didn't even notice the dinosaur-killer.
    What history tells us is in the eye of the beholder.

  5. Art

    Of course not, we as humans may meet our end but not the planet.

  6. runningman022003

    This is the point of the novel Ishmael (

    So while humans could be considered a cancer on the planet earth, and while remaining a "nomadic hunter-gathering" society may result in a more beautiful earth and a longer civilization, I believe this is(was) impossible and undesired.

    You mentioned it yourself...curiosity. Some people were not satisfied with merely being hunter-gatherers. Human brains are meant to be curious and ask "what if?"

  7. Zaphod Beeblebrox

    I can argue with you on many points but my main contention is that our planet will not meet its end very soon and history tells us nothing of the kind. Our planet It will continue to exist for at least a few billion more years. What may come to an end sooner than later is life as we know it, but humans are a hardy, resourceful species so I give us a high potential for long-term survival. Only the circumstances of our existence will change, and it may be a rapid and radical one in the not too distant future, but doom is not inevitable.

  8. Doctor P

    Nutrient pollution is one of America's most widespread

  9. d_r_siva

    Global warming due to excess pollution is alarming now.

  10. Naguru

    I do not want to deny what you say here. I am a strong believer and I hundred percent believe your words. I know that you will not misguide anybody.

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