So I recently adopted a dog who was healthy and everything except he has worms. (Ottis) I have another dog (Pecosa). When we found out Ottis had worms, we immediatly seperated them.Ottis is getting reatment and we are not sure about Pecosa. So everytime I pet them, I wash my hands right after. Today I went to my...

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  1. Lizzie

    You'd have to swallow the eggs or live worms to get worms from a pet. However, since many dogs dislike being kissed, you can get a seriously bad bite on your face which will require cosmetic surgery or surgeries to repair. Then the state would take your dog away and kill it. Please don't kiss or hug dogs. That's the first thing dog groomers are taught in school. I knew one groomer who ignored that bit of advice because she thought she had a special way with dogs. She still has scars. She never groomed dogs again. There is a national epidemic of people who are bitten by family pets after hugging or kissing them.

  2. nobby

    PoodlePower and Palmtree lover gave you the best answers.
    Dogs get two main types of worms, the roundworm and the tapeworm. Roundworm eggs are excreted in the dogs waste (poop) and take 2 weeks to hatch. So as long as you clean up your dogs mess every day they are not a problem.
    Tapeworms are spread by eating fleas that have bitten the dog.

    You dont need to separate your dogs. All dogs need worming regularly for roundworm and tapeworm, and in some places heartworm and lungworm as well.
    Just get a stool sample from each dog and take them both to the vet.

  3. poodle power

    You can't get worms from a dog from hugging him just from handling poo with bare hands and then touch mouth so just make sure you wash you hands. It is imprtant to worm dogs routinely to prevent worms.

  4. GllntKnight

    Not from just hugging and following proper hygiene after handling both dogs, and after picking up after them.

    Both dogs should be treated.

    Dogs should not be "wormed regularly/routinely" Only after a proper diagnosis is gotten after a fecal exam, do you treat accordingly.

  5. Joseph

    Don't listen to Palmtreelover, they don't know what they're talking about. YES, you can get worms. Once in your system, they like to travel to several places including your eyes.

  6. Animal

    No ????????????

  7. Palmtreelover

    as long as you do not eat his poop, no you cant

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