Jews are behind muslims immigration. Just look at George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg, they are both Jews and there are many more.

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  1. midibluenote

    The jews aren't the only ones trying to undermine the tenets of Christianity (spirit over matter), though they are the most influential , because of their singular focus on money, to force an agenda by constant campaigning. christianity is rotting from within as well, from the materialism espoused by fundamentalist mega-churches. Being a good christian is one of the most difficult things to do. That's why so many cut corners and rationalize their selfishness.

  2. Charles

    Actually, they are pioneers in medical research and have come up with many cures for a host of diseases. they are hard working and generous. Most of the wars from ww1 to ww2 were not started by Jews. Yet they born the brunt of the murders and torture and cruelty. So actually they have never tried to undermine Christians.
    In fact Jews have rescued Christians in the middle east when other countries failed to do so. Such as Lebanon. So that is a false statement.

  3. PhotonX

    <I really believe [Jews] are behind most of the major problems in the world> Yeah, that's called antisemitism. It's what cowards with low esteem resort to when they need to find a scapegoat to blame their own failures and shortcomings on.
    <Mark Zuckerberg> The only reason you've ever heard of Mark Zuckerberg is because he created a wildly successful product and became an incredibly successful businessman as a result. You, on the other hand, are an anonymous Internet troll, and that's likely going to be the high water mark in your life.

  4. Diogenes

    That's blatant bigotry and completely false. What is true, is that Jews (particularly the Ashkenazi) are among the most intelligent of humanity's races.

  5. ben

    we are not trying to undermine christianity, this is insane! judaism teaches that as long as you beleive in god, then you are fine, you need not be jewish, also, if anything, we see christians as allys against muslim extremeism in israel, we really dont care or think to much about you, also, what have we destroyed? in israel we irrigated the desert and made it bloom, youre just mean and anti semitic, so its probably pointless to reason with you

  6. Smokie

    Holy crap. Are you my ex mother in law? If not, I know an old protestant whole you would get along with real well as long as you have some strong feelings against, darker people.

  7. Love Unites

    lol. Well, when you avoid facts and are just really looking for someone to scapegoat, I guess the Jews are always a favorite pick.

  8. Bruce

    That is false. Jews and Christians worship the same God, and as Jesus said, knowledge of that God came from the Jews. Jesus and all his original apostles were Jews. We are kindred faiths.

  9. Fritz

    I really believe that you need to be in a padded cell under heavy sedation.

  10. Sookey

    My, aren't you filled with hate and bigotry? Are you a member of the Nazi party?

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