the other day me and my boyfriend were talking and i was telling him that i've only had 1 boyfriend and he was telling me about all of the people he's seen/ been with. Although he's only been in one serious relationship before.. if that was your boyfriend would it put you off ? we're both 23 too

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  1. dk

    I think it would put off any person who is looking for a long term relationship regardless of their gender. I suppose you're in luck though since the number of previous sexual partners for men has not been shown to result in a lower likelihood for a long term relationship surviving but it HAS been shown to do that if a woman has slept with a lot of men. It's certainly something that warrants concern but on the bright side it is not the end of the world. If he is a good person and sees those things as foolish mistakes then you're probably in the safe zone. You should talk to him about it more if you really feel concerned.

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  4. David

    try not to judge people. maybe they were just available to him

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