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Stupid libtards actually believe that a bunch of giant dragon like monsters lived millions of years ago. Then why aren't dinosaurs mentioned in the bible? besides, the earth is only 12,000 years old anyway. And why don't the dinosaurs even exist anymore? Because some asteroid conveniently killed them all...

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  1. jimm

    Stop being a troll.

  2. Saruh

    Because Ken Ham told them to...

  3. StephenWeinstein

    Dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible.

    It refers to:
    1. the Beast of the Earth (Genesis 1:24-25)
    2. A giant sea creature (usually, but incorrectly, described as a fish or whale) which a human can live inside (humans can't live in fish or whales, so it must have been something else). (Book of Jonah)
    3. A plague of various types of wild aggressive animals that don't sound like anything that exists today (Book of Exodus)
    The Bible says the earth is much less than 12,000 years old. So, by saying that earth is 12,000 years old, you are admitting that the Bible is wrong.

  4. stuffedpigz

    I know right! they are so stupid, it's probably because of photosynthesis

  5. upwardly_mobile_home

    Dinosaurs are hiding. Africans are the missing like.

  6. just for laughs

    They must have had good doctors for the bible says Moses lived for 950 years.

  7. Blummdum ll


  8. Lone Star Patriot

    Teach the controversy!

  9. Dreaded Rear Admiral

    Troll effort 3/10.

  10. Homework Help

    The Bible uses "year" in a different way then humans. The bible contradicts none of what you said there, for the most part.

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