I had a audition today and maybe I'm over worrying about it. But I managed to get through half of it then the parts I wasn't I was confident about I called line and it went down hill. I'm really good when it comes to my own monologues and stuff for class. It's just auditioning !

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  1. Katrina E.

    The key is to have a good enough understanding of the character, scene and play so you're not just reciting lines but becoming a character. If you're in character, present in that moment and are focused on the scene during the audition then even if you can't remember the exact line, you can come close enough because you'll be the character and what they would say should be obvious for you. But if you're not focused on character as just trying to remember words - you'll be more likely to go up on a line.

    I think it's a mistake to think of it as "just auditioning". It's a mini-performance, a chance to do the work of acting (which hopefully you're excited about), a chance to entertain others and show them what you can do. Even if they feel you're not right for that particular role at that particular time, if you audition well they may remember you for future projects.

  2. Dreamer

    you are too worried so you mess up. you want it to be perfect so it puts a lot of nervous energy into your system. ...try relaxing more and thinking along the lines of, well, if i don't get it, i don't get it, but i'm here to have fun.

  3. bliss


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