Say you have 200 to spend and I could either buy say 5 - 10 on sale cheap clothes (sweaters, dresses, shirts) at H&M or you could get a Prada cashmere sweater for the entire 200 u have on hand,would you rather buy dozens of cheap clothes at once or one designer out fit but accumulated them into a collection...

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  1. Sur La Mer

    " I hear h&m clothes are like sweatshop garbage from india," On their labels it is required by law to put the origin country where they're made and it will say: Made in China, Made in Italy (you can find those @ Goodwill stores TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshall's), Made in NYC, (those too), Made in Turkey, Made in Mexico or Made in the Philippines. 90% are likely Made in China. NOT everything is from India, btw.

    Cashmere a good example, is expensive, but the quality is cheap. A pair of leather gloves insulated with cashmere cost plenty and only last for two months, they wear out easily, but a pair of leather gloves insulated with thinsulate, could last for several years. I know, I own several. Sweater, a moth can eat it up, just like that, and your sweater have holes.

    I'd rather have a lot of quality made clothes bought CHEAP elsewhere, than 1 very expensive piece. Some designer labels have been discounted if you shopped @ stores like TJ Maxx, Marshall's up to 65% off because they've been rejected by Quality Controller or just have been liquidated. I've only see one outfit that I bought from there, that was irregular, unless you know what quality is, you wouldn't even notice it.

    If you've traveled to Italy (example), and brought a purse or shoes made from there (labels you haven't heard of before), you'd be paying a lot of money, but you need to know where to buy them cheaply. But if you bought one made by Italian designer it will say Made in China, because there's a big demand for them and are manufactured cheaply. Why would I want to buy something like Coach or Michael Kors, when I'm just paying for the name? You can go to Walmart & buy similar designs Made in China for cheaper or get one @ TJ Maxx for 65% of the same name.

  2. april ludgate

    Designer or not, what matters is if the damn thing fits me.

    I guess I would rather have cheap clothes. I like quality clothes, but unless I know the price is definitely warranted, I have a limit for how much things should cost. A sweater should not cost $200. Idgaf who made it or touched it.

  3. cindy

    I don't care about brand nasnasmes but I care about how clothes look/ fit. I'd rather have more clothes than less.

  4. Jessica

    I'd take that two hundred and replace my wardrobe at ross or tjmax.

  5. hdhd


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