my therapist only tells me "thats probably not the case"

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  1. Thisisnota

    Yeah, women do that. It's happened to me WHAT, like FIVE TIMES? EXACTLY as you described. I swear they're incapable of looking to their right. Their puny brains are only capable of holding onto one thought at a time, and that thought is cars coming from the left. So when they're turning right, and you're on the sidewalk coming from the right, WHAM! If you give them ANY chance to do it, they WILL.

    As for the 2 guys taunting you, they were a$$holes. And they weren't going to hit you, just be a$$holes and try to scare you. But that's an entirely different matter than being oblivious to your existence and indifferent to your safety. Don't kid yourself, that c*nt who succeeded in that hit and run never even knew you existed.


    It is doubtful people want to purposely hit you.
    People today though have a sense of being the most important
    person in the world.You are wasting their precious time
    by daring to slow them up.

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