I want to move to Japan, but a few friends of mine said that Japan is racist is this true?.?

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  1. Madame M

    Pardon me for asking, but how the hell would they know if Japan is racist or not? If they've lived here, maybe Japan was racist to them. If they haven't lived here, then they are basing their information on what?

    Everywhere is racist, in its own special way. The only way you'll find out if Japan will be a good experience for you or not is to actually come to Japan. This moving business is a huge step. You should come over as a student for a semester or two, and figure out how you like Japan. Then the opinions of your oh-so-knowledgeable friends will be irrelevant. You can figure out for yourself if you want to move here. I think any so-called racism will be the least of your problems. Living in Japan is a lot of hard work, and I think that's the biggest barrier.

  2. FC91

    It's more xenophobia than racism. It really doesn't matter what race you are, or even if you're a Japanese person who was raised outside of Japan. They treat outsiders differently, and in some circumstances, that means unfair and negative treatment. Some groups and nationalities (typically from neighboring Asian countries) receive worse treatment than others.

  3. Never-Again

    Not racist, at least like you're thinking. There is some xenophobia though.

  4. Toshihiro

    It is not true.

  5. Orla C

    There is racism in every country in the world, the most racist being the US. I would say you'd be fine in Japan, but you'll need to assimilate, and it would be easier in one of the big cities.

  6. mokrie

    Not at all. They just are smarter then other countries in that they want to keep their countries original culture. You can move there but you cannot become a citizen. You will be called an alien resident. Even the grandchildren that were born there of a non Japanese resident are still aliens.

  7. Saurabh

    I dont know about that.

  8. John

    japan is fairly xenophobic, but most people aren't really mean about it. you'll probably always be seen as a foreigner and never as a true japanese citizen. many people will attempt to speak english to you, even if they're not very good at it, because they assume you can't speak japanese at all. it's mostly little rude things like that, it's unlikely that you'll be assaulted or anything like that due to your race. this video describes one person's story of being a "unicorn" because she's white. her other videos are worth looking into as well, she's a white woman living in japan with a japanese husband

  9. liz

    Trumps president. Racism's kind of everywhere. It's not unique to one place.

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