Can a modular home be built on lot 222 Tam O Shanter Lane Punta Gorda, FL.?

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  1. TrumpCareFails

    Try asking the LOCAL Zoning Authority....

  2. Andy L

    There are enough governing regulations that you will have to discuss all the permits and construction with a local approved contractor. You can't just dump a trailer in and live in it.
    There are city regulations
    County level
    and Florida State ordinances

    And no way to meet everything without someone familiar with it all.
    From what I can see, you will need a permanent foundation, meet wind codes for structure, and water and sewer hooked up to community lines, and whatever electrical hookup also is needed.

    Some of the homes look like double-wide trailers on a permanent foundation or pretty close to it.
    There are definitely manufactured homes in the area and a few even for sale.

  3. realtor.sailor

    Modular, yes presuming it zoned residential. A modular home is built to the same site standards. A manufactured home cannot be placed in the lot.

  4. Robt

    We don't have a clue obviously.
    Try actually asking local educated adults for actual info locally since u using VAGUE terms

  5. Landlord2005

    No possible way anyone on an international site would know that. You have to check local zoning laws.

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