My boyfriend is extremely sick! He s very congested and he has a fever and then chills. He s taking medicine but he doesn t realize he can t take medicine on an empty stomach! So then he ends up vomiting an hour later. He doesn t want to eat anything and I know he needs rest but he ll just continue needing more...

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  1. Bob

    Try giving him Oral Rehydration Therapy instead of plain water. It's very easy to make: 1 litre of water, six level teaspoons of sugar, and half a teaspoon of salt. It tastes quite pleasant and the ingredients help the stomach to absorb the water. Just ask him to sip it slowly. Perhaps when he's not so dehydrated he'll start to feel hungry and will want to eat the chicken soup.

  2. ripon

    He needs to drink the water, and if you can get him to drink that with an emergenC vitamin pack, that will help him alot. sometimes cold drinks work well too. Maybe a fruit smoothie or hot tea would be something he can handle easier. You do have to convince him to get fluids in his body though or he is going to be sicker for longer. make sure he knows that

  3. A

    He's sick the last thing you want to do when you are not feeling good is eat anything ...anything he eats he's just going to puke it up ...just let him sleep don't go crazy he has the flu ,the first day of it is the worst in like 24ish hours he'll be wanting soup and juice ,just relax .

  4. DeAnne

    Whether or not it tastes good is not the issue. He must eat to take meds. He could dehydrate by vomiting often.

  5. blurrytree

    He has the flu, it will pass.

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