I met a guy through my sister, but on FB. We've been texting off and on for 5 months and everyday for the past 6 weeks. Real good connection and flirty. Anytime I say I need someone to do this or that he tells me he's the guy or says I don't have to look for a man anymore. Makes it seem like he is...

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  1. Mean Jelly Bean

    You have a right to any and all emotions under the sun. But you really should admit it to yourself that this guy you've been wasting your time texting & messaging with is a big fat fake freaky flake. He prefers guys nights out to ever meeting up with you. He/she obviously isn't who they are pretending to be. Be mad about it all you want, but don't fall it again. Otherwise, save your anger for yourself, he doesn't deserve any more feelings from you until you can meet him in the flesh.

  2. Shane

    He's hiding something. I would just be up front with him. He hasn't taken your feelings into consideration. If he really likes you, he would have made plans to see you yesterday. It's been 6 WEEKS. What are you waiting for?

  3. Stella

    Same question not too long ago. You are not dating, only texting. You really do not know this person. Meet a person in person, forget this guy, move on. Since he won't meet you, possibly he is married or has a girlfriend.

  4. ???

    The next time he messages you, tell him you're sorry but you don't think it's going to work out and stop texting with him. He's wasting your time and keeping you on the backburner.

  5. hillbilly

    He sounds too immature and selfish, and unreliable to me for a long term relationship to work.

  6. luke

    st0p rying t0 meet pe0-le n fb. meet pe0ple in reality

  7. Anonymous

    "he" could be a 12 year old or a even a girl

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