I live in New Orleans, La with my parents. During hurricane Katrina we evacuated to Philly, PA. Where a ex-mayor (multi-millionaire) placed us individually in a will for $1m each. He passed away in 2008 and we have heard nothing about it since. It was said that at the funeral he had a son no one knew about who was...

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  1. Jeffrey

    That sounds really bogus because you never have to agree or do anything to be included in a will. You can go the Probate Court in the county where he lived and ask to see the will. It is a public document.

  2. David S

    If you had been included in the will, you would have been notified by the estate executor by letter shortly after the man's death.Once a will has been probated, it is public record, so if you know the name of the city/county where he passed away, you can find the will and read it yourself.

  3. lucy

    If it is ex mayor nagin, he is still alive and has been convicted of wire fraud etc.

    This makes no sense. Why would an ex mayor agree to pay 1 mm to your family? Since so many people lost their homes and everything they owned due to Katrina, then he could have offered everyone like your family money due to this storm.

  4. Anser

    Talk with a private detective to see if he can verify the identity of this "ex-mayor." A person doesn't "swear under oath to be put in a will." This whole situation is curious.

  5. WRG

    There is no situation where you have to swear anything under oath to be put in a will. You could contact the probate court in Philly and see if his will has been probated.

  6. Diamond encrusted pi

    thanks for the laugh

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