I am writing a book about vampires, and I need some info. If someone was a strong human, will they be a strong vampire? (For example, would a weightlifter be a stronger vampire than a average one?). If not, how are vampires more or less powerful? If a vampire feeds more, will they become more powerful? What if...

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  1. Raymond

    There is no true standard for vampires, since vampires are make-believe creatures. Hopefully.
    Anyways, for your book, just choose whatever you want. Be creative. Just following popular trends won't make your book unique.

  2. Denton

    A strong human would be a strong vampire

    The power a of a witch would die with her mortal body

  3. Mog

    1. Yes
    2. See 1.
    3. No, they become more powerful when they need to feed, but they can also become more feral at that point.
    4. It won't feed them. They need mortal chattel.
    5. No they can bulk up
    6. Yes but healers might lose some healing abilities

  4. Dreamer

    vampires are not real right? so let loose your imagination, anything goes.

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