What is the best/funniest threat you have ever received?

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  1. nancy

    "I'm never going to shop here again!" From a woman who was outraged when I expected her to clean up after her 6 year old kid, after he crapped on the floor in my store. And then walked out without paying for a custom order. I thought it was pretty funny that she thought I would want her business!

  2. Dimple

    was chatting in a chatroom and went on cam... someone said they chatted with me and i got nude on cam for them. lol.

    so some other person said he was given the picture of me from so and so and
    he was going to post my naked picture all over the internet... LOL

    lol. what naked picture? If there is a naked picture of me.. then do it.. i can't wait to sue your ***.. Because it was taken without my consent...and trust me i have contacts with quite well known lawyers.. including international criminal defense/and prosecution lawyers.

    I actually laughed when this was said to me. I even said, show it to me... lol and it was never shown to me. lol .

  3. Anonymous

    Any time a condescending internet troll threatens me

  4. DeathDealer

    Someone thought I couldn't live without them.

  5. Anonymous

    Someone told me "I hope you make it to heaven"

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