I am a girl and my roommate is a girl. We have been rooming for 2 weeks and I already have a huge crush on her. I know she is bisexual but is it too early to confess? We just met 2 weeks ago.

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  1. lingua06437

    You shoild out your self to her but do not bring up your feelings for her till some time has passed. Don't freak her out.

    The last thing you want to do is be with your room mate on the spur of the monembt. If it doesn't work out - you guys have to live with each other the whole year. It would probably mean someone moving out mid year and hurt feelings and all that. There are college people that make it a policy to not date anyone in their dorm for just such reasons - let alone a room mate. It would ne better if you were in separate rooms. I'm not saying it can't work. Its just that you need to go very slow. You need back up plans. And if you out your self to her - you must reapect her if she just sees you as a friend. And if you do get together and it does not work - talk in advance how you'd handle the other having dates.
    Get in your schools gay straight alliance and try and meet other women. See if all you have for her is a passing crush. And if it is not - just plan slowly.

  2. jimvaderkirk

    That is something to address to your RA because the last thing you need to do is be able to do whatever you want without checks and balances. You are what, a freshman? You have no idea what is in store for you and you need to distance yourself from this infatuation and if it truly is something to consider, then see how she reacts when you leave. The last thing you should do is give your all for a woman and find out she doesn't feel the same way. I just did that and it is HARD to recover.

  3. Anonymous

    Idk cause idk her... I'd probably wait for about some few days... However, if she's bisexual and you have a huge crush on her, I think you should tell her the truth.

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