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During my formative years, I d been subjected to a number of conditions that led to me being what I believe is called a "sociopath". I developed a fantasy life rich with sexual sadism of the sort that would probably make most folks vomit. Then, after the birth of my nephew, the oddest thing happened - I...

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  1. Andy C

    You were never a sociopath.

    A sociopath is a type of killer.

    Sociopaths don't even display any signs of sadism.

    That's what differentiates a sociopath from a psychopath; also a type of killer.

    The concept you describe is ASPD, antisocial personality disorder.


  2. Christopher

    maybe you just have a strong interest in others now, try to have them better themselves and have the type of love that would care for them to do good things

  3. Michael

    You are not a sociopath. You are basically a dude who is very promiscuous . Please stop diagnosing yourself

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