I like accounting. Never tried web design, not the most techno guy

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  1. PaperCrane
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    These are very different subjects. If you like accounting, it might be a safe bet to just go for that. There's nothing wrong with doing something that's trued and true that you like, even if it's "the more boring option."

    What draws you to web design? Sometimes, you'll find that you "really like" something that you've never done, but then when you actually get around to doing that activity or studying that subject, you'll find that your idea of what it really was is incredibly romantic and doesn't get into the technical bits of it.

    For example, take me and biology. I really like the idea of biology. I'm enthralled by the idea of genetics, but I found that after taking a few classes in biology, it wasn't what I thought that it was. It might not be that way, but what I'm saying is that you want to find this out before you jump straight into the subject. Why not try web design on your own?

    A lot of programming these days is open sourced, meaning that you don't have to pay money to try it out and tinker with it on your own. The internet is full of resources that allow you to watch professionals and self taught gurus do their thing. It's pretty cool.

    After you've gotten a good feel for web design, then you could make the decision.

    Good luck!
    Some things that you might need in order to become really good at web design:
    - JavaScript. This is a light scripting language that makes the internet what it is. It controls the functions that allow the internet to act in the way that it does. Learn about that here:

    - HTML. According to W3, HTML is described as the markup web design language of which its building blocks formulate what you could call the "skeleton" of the internet.

    - CSS, otherwise known as 'Cascading Style Sheets' is what controls the look and the feel of a web document. Learn about that here:

    - Maybe Java. Not to be confused with JavaScript, Java is not a web based language; it's objected oriented programming that runs on a variety of platforms. Java does have a few outdated graphics functions that can be used on webpages, but they're a bit clunky to use. If you're going to be working with software, it will certainly be useful for you to learn Java. The syntax is a little bit complicated, but it's very popular with various industries. I highly recommend that you learn it. You could even make use of it as an accountant. Learn about that here:
    Good luck!

  2. tatilendi

    Accountant. Web designer is a competitive career

  3. dazabas

    Accountant, eventually run a web design business.

  4. Fred

    Then be an accountant. You would be useless at web design.

  5. Sasuke

    well web designer lets you work from home and choose who to work with, dont know about accounting.

  6. Frank

    LOL...being an ACCOUNTANT is the most BORING JOB in the world.

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