She said if I didn't she would tell my mom and my mom is really nosey she doesn't let me shave, wear a two piece without being harassed and she's kinda stuck up help!!! Urgent

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  1. Swimming in it

    Time warp, huh? Is your grandmother over 95? My Mom felt that way 51 years ago and then got over it. Well, guess you have to strap on the old pads until you talk to your Mom and try to get her up to date a couple of generations.

    Four generations ago (nearly 5), it was thought that a virginal gal could not use tampons and only married woman used them. People were afraid that a tampon would break a girls hymen and no man would ever desire her again in her life before she'd ever even met a man. But science has proved all of that totally false. Still, if the female folk in your family are afraid of tampons.. maybe you use pads. Until you get to school at least and change your product there. Sorry. Talk to your Mom. She can't be THAT old if you're only 14.

  2. Lucius T Fowler

    How old, actually, is your grandma, and how was she raised, very religiously?

    I can uderstand a lot, but I can't understad people who deny young girls like you using tampons when they have their period. Maybe you should talk in a clear language, like, "granny, using a tampon is not like getting f*cked, and, btw, I'll get me a scrip for the pill from my doc next time I see him". And do it. Draw a clear line.

  3. Anonymous

    put your bloody period soaked underwear on your grandma's dinner plate and explain things to her. She is in denial

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