Dear HR Manager) In line with the disciplinary procedure. Please consider this correspondence to constitute a formal appeal against the disciplinary decision detailed below. I was issues a written reprimand on the grounds of failure to follow instructions given. On September 19 2016. I would like to appeal this...

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  1. Letalis


    Please consider this correspondence a formal appeal against the disciplinary decision filed on September 19 2016 for failure to follow instructions.

    The manner in which this disciplinary decision was reached is excessive as I received verbal counseling from (division manager), after the incident occurred on September 11 2016.

    *cleaned up a lot and hopefully better

  2. Anonymous

    You should have paid better attention in your English class. You have poor writing skills and it shows. Good luck with your appeal.

  3. Edith

    Way to wordy and complicated, and poorly written. This is you one chance to shine so write a letter that will show that you know your job.

  4. david

    You have some sentence fragments in there.

  5. Human


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