I have been dating this guy for a while now and he has an 8 turning 9 year old with another woman. I have my own place and he stays with me and his son stays with us for two weeks out of the month. I have mentioned it to him before but he kinda gets offended when i talk about it like he thinks im saying hes a bad...

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  1. snwflk11.09

    It might be your house, but this is his child and it's tough to have someone in your life who isn't a parent and thinks they know how to do things better. It's going to be a process and unless you are supporting that process you need to back off and let his parent do the parenting. Why is this bothering you so much? I think that you need to look at what your motives are as well as all the things you think he should be doing differently. Does it hurt your relationship in some way? Is it personally offensive to you?

  2. Kaylen

    He sounds like a good dad to me. ????
    Maybe you just don't want to be with someone who has children?

  3. jazznrae

    So he is doing what a parent does?
    Sorry I don't see the problem.

  4. Bryan

    He's being a responsible father. I applaud this man????????

  5. houseofyum

    When you have kids you can parent them any way you want.
    No abuse, neglect, or maltreatment going on, not your business.

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