? About two months ago I had an event where I had a high rate and panic I've been to the doctor more than once including heart and I've can back fine but after that I was pretty scared down and angry because I thought something was wrong I was getting bad neck eye chest pain I thought maybe it was from...

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    Hi I would like to say that you are exactly like me. It is very possible during intense feelings of anxiety to have neck, shoulder, chest and eye pain. It can cause your eyes to become dizzy too which if you've experienced it then you know what im talking about.
    When I have the eye pain I also have the unreal feeling and it if extremely distressing, believe me. I every single time have to leave the class because it's so bad. But it's all from anxiety. If you feel the feeling coming you can try distracting yourself by counting tiles on the wall or floor, or even getting a stress ball and squeezing it. It does help and don't worry what other people say because your sanity is more important than people's judgement.
    U also MUST get help and talk to someone or else it will constantly stay like this and from experience no one wants that. Best of luck, hoped this helped.

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