I have skunks living under my house. How do I get rid of them?

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  1. Mooned Y!A

    You buy a small animal trap. Make sure to get the right size. I think Home Depot has them although I used a link from Amazon. The second link is how to bait and set the trap. Skunks do not spray unless they are nervous. If you talk sweetly and reassure them, they may not spray. Cover the trap with a blanket to block the spray. Either walk the animals to a good spot 100 yards away or drive them down the road somewhere. Take them to the same spot. They are possibly a mating male and female with offspring and should stay together.



    You have to check store availability. They have them in stock but not all sizes:


  2. Randy

    Call pest control to get rid of them

  3. Clarissa

    Buy skunk spray and use it against them

  4. Mr K Dilkington

    Throw a bunch of mothballs under there.

  5. Linda

    Call 'Pest Control'.

  6. Tiburon

    Make friends with them - they won't bother you as long as you don't make any sudden moves

  7. lOL

    go under your house and pull them out one by one and throw them in the dustbin

  8. Literal

    Call the animal control officer.

  9. Hans

    Just keep jacking-off.

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