I'm 17 and tonight was a nice evening, so I just decided to go drive around. I got hungry so I was heading for a Wendy's when my mom called and asked what I was doing, I said "going to get food" I realized I didn't bring any money so I just continued driving around for fun. Later on she called...

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  1. Sebby

    Well, you SHOULD have a bus to be able to come and pick you up. Look at your schedule and check your bus route. If you don't have a bus route, a city bus will do or I suppose you might have to talk to your parents to let you get your car back just so you can get to school or possibly have them drive you.

    You could also try biking, even if it may take a while. Get up early, get out the door quick. Get to school on time, hopefully.

  2. Quiet

    Is there a local bus or metro that comes there? How many miles do you live from school? Uber?

  3. Marilyn

    When you came home, why didn't you just tell your mom that you forgot to bring money for the food?

  4. ♥ ♦ choco ♦  ♥

    Tell her to drop you off school tomorrow, otherwise you will be free at home to "do drugs"

  5. Lucy


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