no one for president,HowGan

if you wish for a rubber stamp for this madness, you better get a genie instead, I hear they grant wishes

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  1. ?


  2. Paladin

    no qualified Obama nominee was blocked, just partisan out-lefts


    lol Harry Reid is probably seriously regretting his role in "nuking" the filibuster for SCOTUS appointments right about now.

  4. Anonymous

    The Republican party is a criminal organization and Trump is crime boss.

    Bannon is the man behind the curtain who is quickly turning America into a oligarchic dictatorship.

  5. RockIt

    Its an 80 year tradition of not accepting supreme court nominees in a lame duck president year and election year.

    Its not Trumps cabinet that is being blocked. Its America's cabinet. We need our cabinet so we can get things done.

    Nobody obstructed


    both went right through

    Nobody got in the way of the ex president's cabinet nominees.

    Democrats are childish and hate America.

  6. Maria S

    That is BS. What Obama nominee was denied? Name that person

  7. Shadowfire

    Yup. Turnabout's fair play.

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