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If a sociopath were to see a psychologist and told he were a sociopath, could he or she change their ways?

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  1. feather

    probably some ways,but I've read there can be a huge change on sociopathic and psychopathic children. Adults are far more difficult to change. I guess that depends on how much a person wants it. i've read there is lack on frontal lobe response to things that mostly disturbs non psychopathic individuals. But after all it is in what a person does and choose not to do.

  2. Rick

    No, they can't. It's how they are and it's not possible for them to change.

  3. Linda

    No. It's who they are.

  4. midlandzoo01

    Probably, if they choose to , up to him or her

  5. Bill

    Probably not.

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