I really want to kill myself now. I'm not even joking or saying this for attention. I'm being REALLY serious!!! I really need to commit suicide....I don't even know who to turn to about how I feel..

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  1. marlindaberends
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  2. connie

    I am praying for you right now! I don't know your present situation but I do know that if you keep your mind on Jesus He will give you a peace that will surpass all understanding. Please, please get help immediately. Just believe that if you give your life to Jesus you will never be the same. Your life is important to Him. Don't allow the Devil to take control of your mind. Just believe in the Lord Jesus and know that he died on that cross and was buried and in 3 days He rose and if you believe that and confess it with your mouth you will live and have an abundant life in Him. God bless and keep you. Life is worth living.

  3. Anonymous

    Stay with us. Get some good help. I hope things will work out alright.

  4. Maods Joiland

    don't kill yourself i'm sure anything thats happening right now its not too bad. try talking with someone a psychologist you can also talk online in blahtherapy or 7cups of tea but please dont kill yourself .

  5. Bebeto

    My facebook names is Bebeto Bisht, it does not have a photo or any friends. contact me for counselling.

  6. Pi

    Call the hotline

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