Is it okay to collect stray canines and breed them with my wolves/foxes? The hybrids will be released into the wild afterward?

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  1. Anonymous

    Your fantasy life gets more and more fascinating. This is a nice change for your usual fantasies, though.

    In many places what you propose is illegal.

    Right, you own wolves and foxes and collect "stray canines" and breed them and then release the pups into the wild "afterward."


  2. reeek13

    Whatever floats to your boat, im not sure if breeding wolves with dogs is legal, and then releasing the hybrids might be bad because they would have been used to living indoors, etc.

  3. alex

    I recently interbred a wild otter with a polar bear that I ve been keeping in my garage. The resulting potter , which I have provisionally named Harry, is still too young to be released into the wild, so we re working on a musical theatre production in the meantime. I am confident of eventual profit.

  4. Nekkid Truth!

    Foxes can't breed with dogs

  5. JenVT

    Foxes are not canines and therefore cannot breed with dogs.

  6. ?

    they cannot mate with a fox. fox is not even related. complete troll question... if wasn't you'd know you couldn't release any offspring in the wild because they wouldn't know how to take care of themselves.

  7. latcho drom

    troll ...... And in all honesty the Wolves would be able to very easily out think you. They also eat trolls, so be very careful (it might even be a good idea if you barricaded yourself forever into your bridge arch then also Blueface)

    God forgives and God forgets ........But Wolves dont .....
    ......And thats for sure!

  8. Lizzie

    No, it is not, and once raised in captivity, the offspring would not survive in the wild. Instead, they would be eaten by other animals.

  9. paul


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