Python software developer: landing a job without CS degree possible?

Without having a background in computer science, has anyone picked up Python from scratch and actually got a job as a software developer without a CS degree?

Is it possible?
How would I know if I'm ready to look for a job?

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  1. EddieJ

    Landing such a job does NOT violate a law of nature so it's possible -- just not especially likely.

    To get a job, you only need to find ONE person to hire you. Maybe the hiring manager was hired without a degree so he likes to give a chance to someone else like him.

    Oh, and you said "CS degree". I got a job as a programmer with a degree in electrical engineering degree.

    So, if you have a different degree and work experience, then that counts. However, if you have NO degree, you shouldn't have mentioned "CS" twice.

    Is it possible for you to get such a job? Only if you know how to sell yourself.

  2. Fred

    No chance. The last thing anyone wants is Python. And nobody hires unqualified developers

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