Im looking for small dog, very intelligent, trainable, and non shedder?

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  1. Sandy

    Poodle, miniature or toy size to be exact. All dogs shed, some more than others, but the Poodle is one of the littlest shedders. This breed is the 2nd most intelligent so that makes them easy to train. I suggest you do some research on the breed and find a responsible breeder after you've decided. Good luck!

  2. latcho drom

    Small dog, very intelligent, trainable, There are plenty...
    But a none shedder there are simply none in reality.
    Even the so called hairless breeds shed dander and dander is the cause of the majority of Human /Dog allergies

  3. Lizzie

    Maybe a miniature poodle but a shedding Papillon would do far better in competition and most likely have far fewer health problems. You need to brush the so-called "non-shedding" breeds all over, every day to prevent tangles and mats. You only need to brush a shedding dog all over every day when it is shedding. Everything with hair sheds some. The difference between a shedding dog and a nonshedding dog is that the shedding dog sheds two times a year and the nonshedding dogs shed every day of the year.

  4. Anonymous

    Miniature poodles (don't shed)
    I have a maltipoo who doesn't shed and is intelligent
    Westies (shed very little)
    Bichon frise (do not shed at all)
    Havanese (don't shed much)
    Scottish terrier (low shed)
    Keep in mind that especially the "smart" breed do need some type of mental stimulation
    Sorry that some of these are low shedding dogs instead of not at all......

  5. JenVT

    All dogs shed. Sounds like you're not ready for one.

  6. Kalani

    Poms! they shed, but in clumps you can pick up, not in lose hairs that stick to everything

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