If I (us citizen) get an illegal immigrant pregnant on us soil does she have a claim for citizenship?

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  1. dallenmarket
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    Nope. The law is quite clear.

    If the mother is a U.S. citizen who resided in the U.S. for at least one year (any time) before the child was born, then the child is a U.S. citizen no matter where born.

    That does not apply to a non-U.S. citizen mother, as fathers if NOT married to the mother do not pass on citizenship.

    If married, the U.S. citizen parent must have lived in the U.S. for a minimum of 5 years, at least 2 of which were after his/her 14th birthday and before the birth. Note: there are restrictions as far as marriage requirements as well, so you cant just run out to a JP and make her or the baby legal!

  2. Rona Lachat

    No but child has claim to Dad's WALLET for 18 years.
    Child has TWO parents and child get support from BOTH. Does not matter child does not live with dad.
    CHILD IS US Citizen and CHILD has the right to sue for support from the Father.and the Mother.

    CHILD is born with TWO Citizenships.

  3. Brother_Hesekiel

    It doesn't really matter where on Earth you knock up someone, but if that someone gives birth on US soil, then the child is a US citizen.

  4. Kittysue

    Of course not. Since when does getting pregnant by a citizen make you a citizen?????

  5. Lisa A

    No. Spreading your legs is not a qualification for citizenship in any country on earth.

  6. Anonymous

    No, but the child might have claims to citizenship depending on where the child is born and who takes custody of the child if she goes back to her country.

  7. Foofa

    No. But if you marry her and she's able to get a waiver that would allow her to leave the US without getting a ban you may be able to sponsor her legal return and permanent residency.

  8. ibu guru

    No. Committing procreation is NOT a qualification for any visa, immigration, green card, etc. She returns home & raises her kid there.

  9. Borel

    no......procreation giveds no rights ...the child would be an american citizen though

  10. Kenny

    No but she may want to clean off the US soil on her ..............self .

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